Medicine balls: Exercise tools that add fun to fitness

Category: Healthcare News

Consider working out with a medicine ball, an inexpensive fitness tool that’s exploding in popularity. This weighted […]

No One-Size-Fits-All for Hydrating During Sports

Category: Healthcare News

“Drinking only to thirst typically leads to significant dehydration, which is associated with exercise performance impairment,” said […]

Deltoid pain: Types and treatment

Category: Healthcare News

The deltoid is a large muscle responsible for lifting the arm and giving the shoulder its range […]

FDA grants permission to market artificial intelligence algorithm to help providers detect wrist fractures

Category: Healthcare News

The FDA announced it has granted Imagen permission to market OsteoDetect, a type of computer-aided detection and […]

Why Do I Have Uneven Shoulders?

Category: Healthcare News

Uneven shoulders occur when one shoulder is higher than the other. This can be a slight or […]

Expert Pointers for Avoiding Basketball Injuries

Category: Healthcare News

Basketball provides a great full-body workout. But there are steps you should take to reduce your risk […]

What is a Flexor Tendon Injury?

Category: Healthcare News

A deep cut on the palm side of your fingers, hand, wrist, or forearm can damage your […]

Arthroscopic Thermal Capsular Shrinkage for Palmar Midcarpal Instability

Category: Healthcare News

Arthroscopic capsular shrinkage was performed to the palmar and dorsal capsules of the radiocarpal and midcarpal joints […]

Trigger finger surgery: What to expect

Category: Healthcare News

Your finger and hand may be sore and swollen for several days. It may be hard to […]

Single image slice may not capture 3-D muscle measurements in rotator cuff tears

Category: Healthcare News

Patients with rotator cuff tears experience fatty infiltration increased percentages of most likely caused primarily by muscle […]


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