The Relationship Between Shoulder Stiffness and Rotator Cuff Healing

Category: Healthcare News

Retear and stiffness are not uncommon outcomes of rotator cuff repair. The purpose of this study was […]

3 Questions and Answers about Shoulder Blade Fractures

Category: Healthcare News

It’s rare to fracture your shoulder blade (scapula). Your shoulder blade is well protected by your chest […]

Anatomic reinsertion seen as preferred surgical method of distal biceps tears

Category: Healthcare News

In the surgical treatment of distal biceps tendon tears, investigators of this study found surgeons preferred anatomic […]

Why is calcific tendinitis so painful?

Category: Healthcare News

Calcific tendinitis of the shoulder, typically characterized by calcium deposits on the rotator cuff, is an extremely […]

What Happens When You Crack Your Knuckles

Category: Healthcare News

Despite the wives’ tales that tie cracking your knuckles to problems like arthritis, many habitual knuckle-crackers just […]

Impaired shoulder function common in patients with RA 1.5 years after disease onset

Category: Healthcare News

Patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis had significantly impaired shoulder function compared to healthy participants when evaluated 1.5 […]

Stiff shoulders less likely to re-tear after rotator cuff repair vs non-stiff shoulders

Category: Healthcare News

Patients who had preoperative shoulder stiffness and those who developed stiffness at 6 weeks and 12 weeks […]


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