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Ulnar Nerve Injury

Category: Healthcare News

The ulnar nerve is one of the major nerves of the upper extremity. Nerves are structures that […]

Elbow Injuries and Rehabilitation

Category: Healthcare News

Stress on this joint can affect the surrounding ligaments and muscles and cause tissue damage. Learn more […]

Tone up your triceps with these top strength exercises

Category: Healthcare News

Working your triceps might not always be top of mind, but toning the muscles that run along […]

Top 10 stretches for shoulder tightness

Category: Healthcare News

In this article, we describe 10 shoulder stretches and their benefits. We also discuss what causes shoulder […]

Torn Elbow Biceps Tendon

Category: Healthcare News

Injuries to the distal biceps tendon are not uncommon. Most often occurring in middle-aged men, these injuries […]

Rotator cuff repair with biceps tenodesis did not impact speed of recovery after surgery

Category: Healthcare News

Outcomes and the speed of recovery were similar between patients who underwent rotator cuff repair with bicep […]

Get in shape for tennis and other racquet sports

Category: Healthcare News

By practicing a pregame plan for these strenuous workouts, you’ll be less likely to experience injuries that […]

15 Things Your Hands Can Say About Your Health

Category: Healthcare News

Your hands can do more than pick things up and pull things up on your smartphone. In […]

In their DNA: Rotator cuff stem cells more likely to develop into fat cells

Category: Healthcare News

Why are fat deposits more likely to occur after tears of the shoulder’s rotator cuff, compared to […]

Physical Therapy Can Keep Sports Injuries at Bay

Category: Healthcare News

Physical therapy helps people recover from sports injuries, but it also can help prevent them, an expert […]

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