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Raynaud’s and Scleraderma

“Scleraderma, severe Raynaunds, and CREST syndrome are terrible diseases. The pain of ischemia, digital ulcers that refuse to heal and auto amputations of the fingers can be part of these miserable conditions. The first line of care is the medications prescribed and managed by your Rheumatologist. Topical ointments can help some people. Recently the use of Botox in a small number of patients has shown some hope. The literature is early and not strong, but I am trying this technique in selected patients. If you are truly desperate and all else has failed we can give botox a try.

Most people know of botox use in cosmetic surgery. However, that use came later. The first use was in stroke and cerebral palsy. Only later did the plastic surgeons adapt its use. The use of Botox in vascular disease is just one more extension of innovated medicine.”