Tips for Recovering From Gymnastics Injuries

Category: Healthcare News

Tens of thousands of athletes visit the emergency room each year because of gymnastics injuries. Sports medicine […]

What to Know About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Pregnancy

Category: Healthcare News

CTS is common in pregnancy and can occur in 31% to 62% of people who are pregnant. […]

Subacromial balloon spacer versus partial repair for massive rotator cuff tears

Category: Healthcare News

Use of a biodegradable balloon spacer during massive rotator cuff tear surgery produced similar outcomes when compared […]

Elite climbers may develop cartilage abnormalities, osteophytes in finger joints

Category: Healthcare News

Results presented at the Virtual EFORT Congress showed an increase in the occurrence of osteophytes and decrease […]

Assistive Devices: Living Better With Arthritis

Category: Healthcare News

If you’re living with arthritis, certain assistive devices and changes around your home can help you tackle […]

Pop goes the shoulder– now what?

Category: Healthcare News

If you are worried you have a shoulder dislocation, don’t panic, but do get specialized care right […]

Dissecting how pitching affects the glenohumeral joint

Category: Healthcare News

A new study has tackled the subtle, but no less important topic of baseball pitching stressors on […]

Hand Surgery Anesthesia

Category: Healthcare News

There are several types of anesthesia for patients undergoing hand surgery. These include local, regional, or general […]

The Best Workouts for Osteoporosis

Category: Healthcare News

Your bones are living tissues that are constantly breaking down and rebuilding. And diseases that change bone […]

8 Winter Tips and Tools for Stiff, Painful Joints

Category: Healthcare News

If you have joint pain, then you might agree that winter is a difficult time of year. […]


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